_MG_9818-EditWe are a small, non-profit rescue shelter in North Central Arkansas.

We seek to bring comfort and aid to animals who have been cast aside in North Central Arkansas, and to find them exceptional homes where they can live out their lives as family members.  We recognize the value in the life of each animal we help, and work tirelessly to make each animal feel important and loved until their furever home is found.  We are each of us volunteers.  No one is paid in money, but rather in doggie kisses and kitty-cat mews.  Adoption days are our bonus, and knowing that our animals are safe and healthy is our bread and butter.


Hours of operation:

Open to the public;

 Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 9 am to 3 pm

We still need dog walkers 7 days a week!

We’re located at: 4291 Highway 62E , Flippin, AR 72634

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1030, Yellville, AR 72687

870-449-PETS (7387)