Pet Of The Week

Have a Heart Pet Shelter has been featuring dogs and cats available for
adoption the past few months. We have many pets that we would love to
share with you. However, this week we are going to tell a special story of
a gentleman whose dog got loose. The pup was brought to the shelter as a
“Please take, I don’t want this dog”. The shelter is full, but after
looking at the dog our director realized that the dog was bleeding
profusely and needed immediate veterinary care. The dog was rushed to the
vet’s office and Have a Heart Pet Rescue got the dog the care that was
needed. After the dog was stable, we looked for his owner and we were
very fortunate to locate him, and he and his fur-baby have been reunited.
Our director spoke with the owner this week and the dog is doing a lot
better and gets the stitches removed from his leg this week. Have a Heart
Pet Shelter helps the community with reuniting fur-kids with their humans
or adopting out that pet for the person in need of that special “love” in
their or their families lives.
We are so happy that this story had a good
ending. We wish they could all have happy endings like this, but
unfortunately that is not the case. If you would like to see some of the
other sad cases we have helped, stop by the shelter where we have a few
posters showing the “before” pictures. At this point these fur-babies may
be living at the shelter, but their lives are much improved from what they
In other shelter news, the shoe collection is going very well. We will
continue to accept gently used shoes until November 1st. The shoes
will go toward helping impoverished people and the shelter receives
funds for every pair collected. It is a win-win program for all
involved. We will have a booth at Turkey Trot this year. Please stop by
and visit with the staff and any fur-kids who may be on hand. At this
point it looks like we’ll have great weather for Turkey Trot.
I hate to sound like a broken record, but we are still in need of
volunteers. In this day and age everyone seems to have a very full
schedule. We have a small group of very dedicated volunteers who put
the other aspects of their lives on hold to come and help these
animals. There is no pay for this, but the warm fuzzy feeling and the
gratitude shown by the animals makes it all worthwhile. Please try to
make some time and come by to help out at the shelter. Community
participation will make or break us. We finally have a shelter in
Marion County. Let’s make it work! The shelter is located at 4291 E.
Highway 62 in Flippin (across from Ozark Realty). We have new hours of
operation. There is someone at the shelter Monday through Friday 9am to
3 pm. However, since we are so understaffed, the person working may not
be able to address your needs at that time. It takes one person about 4
hours to clean all the kennels and attend to the animals needs and this
comes first. You may need to come back at another time to adopt an
animal, but whoever is there will try their best to accommodate your
needs. The thrift store is now open Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10am
to 3 pm. Thanks for your understanding in this matter. Phone 870-449-7387.

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