Pets of the Week

Our dog of the week is a big, busy boy named Hoss! He’s a lab/shepherd mix with a great personality and lots of energy. Hoss is between one and two years old, house-trained, and knows basic commands.

He’s 64 pounds of solid muscle and still working on his leash training. He gets along well with the other shelter dogs, but hasn’t been tested with cats yet. Hoss would love to have a large fenced yard to run and play in!

If you’re looking for a best buddy, come by our busy little shelter and visit with Hoss. He gives away free kisses!

We do have kittens in-house, but this week’s featured kitties are a group that was saved from a colony that was, unfortunately, being eliminated. An elderly lady had a colony of unsterilized outdoor cats that she was feeding. She got to the point where she had to go into a nursing home and had no relatives in the area. Her neighbor started seeing an increase of the cats coming around looking for food. His own cats started having trouble with them and he had to make the hard decision to contact a vet to help remove the colony.

He reached out to Have A Heart to see if we could help. We explained that we couldn’t take in any feral cats but, if there were a few that weren’t too wild, we could squeeze them in. He sent a picture of several lounging on his porch and said he had been able to pet them. We made the decision to take these. There are two females (buff tabbies) and two males (one buff tabby and one black). They are all fixed now. They play in the cattery with the other cats but are still wary of people. They would do well as a group of “Cared for Barn Cats.” The one cat not in the picture is actually a super friendly female and would do great outdoors or in a home!

These youngsters are all under two years old and the black kitten is about six months. These kitties just need a second chance at a good home. Do you or someone you know have a barn where you could provide food and shelter in exchange for this crew keeping the rodent population down? You won’t need pesticides (which often kills animals other than the intended targets).

If you’d like to meet Hoss, these precious kitties, or any of our other adoptables, please call the Shelter at 870/449-7387 or stop by at 657 Highway 202 West in Yellville during our normal business hours, Tuesday through Saturday, 9 am to 3 pm. Hope to see you soon!