Pets of the Week

This week’s featured kitty is a gorgeous long hair calico named Cupcake!

She is a young adult and was an indoor/outdoor kitty. (Of course, with her long hair, she’d do better as an indoor cat.) Her owner, a military veteran, unexpectedly passed away earlier this year so she’s looking for someone to give her love and purrs to. Cupcake is a bit shy at first but she sure does love being petted and actually enjoys having her belly rubbed! Wouldn’t this beautiful girl brighten up your home?

This week’s featured canine is Jake!

People who were vacationing in our area reported a smallish male dog wandering around in the Freck community near MC 5026 and not leaving the house where they were staying. He was very friendly and gentle. We posted him to the Shelter’s Facebook page in mid-April. No one claimed him as their dog and the people were leaving the first week of May so he came to the Shelter on May 2nd.

Jake has been a very good resident of the shelter and we have estimated his age between one and two years old. He has been fully vetted now and is ready for adoption.

The only thing we have noticed about Jake is that he appears to be head-shy which is often seen in horses. They don’t want their heads touched. Reasons for this may include being unfamiliar with the person or just being unsure of human interaction. At first he would not allow us to put a collar or a harness on him. Of course, it makes us think that he may have had a bad experience with a collar or lead before. He has gradually gotten accustomed to us and he now has a collar on, will allow a harness to be put on him if you approach him from the side instead of from the front, and has learned to walk quite well on a leash.

He now likes us to pet him and appears to like all the volunteers. Jake still picks and chooses his dog friends, but he is getting more adjusted to that as well. We believe Jake will make a great family dog. We would only let him be adopted into a home with another dog after a meet and greet to see how they would get along. We have not tested him with cats yet.

If you’d like to meet Cupcake, Jake, or any of our other adoptables, please call Have A Heart at 870/449-7387 or stop by the Shelter located at 657 Highway 202 West in Yellville during our normal business hours, Tuesday through Saturday, 9 am to 3