Pet Of The Week

?Pet of the Week?
Have you ever looked up the Border Collie breed. This breed is quite interesting. They are very loyal, energetic, and they make a great herding dog, especially for sheep and cattle. Border Collies are also very intelligent. I adopted a Border Collie mix and he is very loyal, energetic, and intelligent.
I have great can adopt a Border Collie mix at Have A Heart Pet Shelter. We have seven of the most adorable pups left. These kiddos are 9 weeks old, one female and 6 males, and waiting for that perfect someone to come adopt them so they can be trained and be loyal to their new family. The mama to the pups is pure bred Border Collie. The daddy is unknown. The pups are in foster; therefore, please call the shelter to make an appointment if interested in taking one of the adorable kiddos home.The shelter phone number is (870)449-7387. We all look forward to seeing you.


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