Pet Of The Week


Dogs truly are mans best friend-their bond is magical.
There was an amazing article in a magazine I read this week on dogs, how people should become responsible for what they have tamed. You also owe a debt of gratitude to that which tamed you. Thanks to a dog, there is a little adventure left in all of us.
General Grant, (AKA General) is about an eight months old Shepherd mix and he would love to be adventurous with you. This handsome pup gets along fine with other dogs. With the correct training, General would be great in agility.
Do you have what it takes to become General’s best friend?
BellaRose is Have a Heart’s kitten of the week. BelleRose is about ten weeks old and very playful. Adorable little BelleRose is out of the first litter of kittens the shelter received.

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