Pet Of The Week

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This week we have an awesome cat for Pet of the Week. G-MAN has had prior injuries, including a badly healed left shoulder; he would make good indoor cat for someone who’s been through the ringer themselves to show that they can overcome adversity, just like this little guy; he’s very nice, likes to be petted and is a talker; he could be a barn cat but would need a definite safe place; as he gets older, the left shoulder will likely get some arthritis due to calcium buildup from body healing the broken bones but he is a sweet boy.

Are you a cat lover? What about a dog lover? Have a Heart is looking for evening volunteers to help cuddle kittens or walk dogs. Could you be available at 4:30pm to 5:30pm? If interested, please stop by the shelter or contact us at 870-449-7387. Thank you for Having a Heart. Hope to see you soon.