Pets Of The Week

Oh just look at that hound dog face! Nils is the Have a Heart Pet Shelter dog of the week. He came in as a surrender about a month ago. Nils is one to two years of age, about 45 pounds, and housebroken. Nils does not bark; however, he has his little quirk of howling when he is trying to get ones attention. If you have never heard a hound dog bay, you might consider listening to one before deciding to share your home with him. Nils would make a very loyal companion, especially a family companion. He absolutly loves everyone. How could one possibly overlook such a sweetheart like Nils? 

Mr. Kitty is the Have a Heart Pet Shelter kitten of the week. Mr. Kitty is a domestic long hair who is like a little kid in a big fluffy package. He gets along with other kittens, he’s very playful and talkative. 

Come on in and check out our pet of the week or all the other furry felines or lovable dogs. The shelter is located at 657 Hwy 202W, Yellville. The shelter hours are Tuesday through Saturday 9am to 3pm. We also have an amazing thrift store with new merchandise weekly. All proceeds from the thrift store go back in to providing for all our kiddos.