Pet Of The Week

Have a Heart managed to have a successful July last month, despite setbacks from the Covid-19 pandemic, working with a smaller group of volunteers and reduced Shelter hours. Last month 25 animals were adopted, 6 were returned to their owners and 18 were transferred to other rescues. Last week’s adoptions included 2 Dachshunds that were a bonded pair, a young kitty named Anne Shirley and kitten Timmy, one of the new store greeters at All Pet and Equine. Good luck to these fur babies in their new homes. Additionally 8 puppies went on transport to a puppy rescue in MO.

Miss Kitty (MK) is our featured cat for this week. Miss Kitty is a sweet, calm 5 year old tabby who came to the Shelter declawed. (poor girl)  She has been an only cat in an adult household and she’s very well behaved. Her owner moved and could not take her. MK likes to sit in a lap and get lots of cuddles. She would do well in a quiet adult home since she is frightened of children.  There is lots of sweet personality in this girl! If you are interested in adopting this lovely cat, call or stop by the Shelter to meet her.

Our featured kitty this week had been declawed. The volunteers who work in the cattery at HAH are all opposed to the procedure of declawing cats. It is viewed as cruel and unnecessary. Some states have outlawed the procedure. If performed on a human being, declawing would be like cutting off each finger at the last knuckle.  A variety of alternatives exist to manage natural scratching behavior and to prevent injury from cat scratches. There is a lot of information available online regarding this subject. Make sure you are well informed about the declawing procedure before you subject your feline friend to this cruel procedure. You can also speak to one of the cattery volunteers at HAH to receive more information about why you should not declaw your cat.

We are not featuring a specific dog for the week. Have a Heart is located at 657 Highway 202 in Yellville. Current Shelter and Thrift Store hours are Thursday through Saturday 9 am to 3 pm. Phone 870-449-7387.