Pets Of The Week

             Have a Heart has been a very busy place lately. We had several local adoptions last week. A young dog named Ginger went to her new home, where she will have 2 doggie siblings. Kitties Deuces and Chloe were adopted together, and our Thrift Store greeter kitty, Bob, went to his new home. In his time as Thrift Store greeter, Bob ran the store with an iron paw and will be missed by the HAH volunteers. Good luck to these fur babies in their new homes.

            In addition to the day to day care of our Shelter pets, our volunteers are getting ready for the next Low Cost Spay and Neuter Clinic. The dates for the clinic are June 15th – 17th. The cost for a dog under 70 lbs is $80.00. The price for larger dogs increases in 10 lb increments. Cats are $55.00.  Price includes a rabies vaccine. Financial Aid is available through our Financial Aid Fund. You MUST be at the Federal Poverty Level (available online based upon number of dependents in your household) and bring proof of income (tax records, letter from social security, disability, etc,), complete a financial aid application and be approved. There is a limit to the number of animals we can provide financial aid to per household on an annual basis. If you meet the criteria, the cost is reduced to $20.00 per animal. If you would like to register your pet for the upcoming Spay and Neuter Clinic, call the Shelter as soon as possible since available spots always fill up quickly. 

            This week’s featured dog is a handsome young boy named Brad Pitt. As his name suggests, Brad is a Pit Bull mix who was found as a stray, standing next to his dead companion that had been hit by a car. Nobody stepped forward to claim him. Although he may look intimidating, Brad is a sweet, easy going boy. He is medium size, weighing about 40 pounds and walks well on a leash. Brad does not like cats and other male dogs.  

            We are not featuring a specific kitty this week. Have a Heart has many sweet cats and kittens available to adopt for a very reasonable adoption fee. Many people wonder “Why should I spend money to adopt a shelter kitten, when I can get one free in the Wal-mart parking lot or from a neighbor with an unwanted litter?”


Although the free kitty may seem like a better deal, in the long run it is more cost effective to adopt a kitten from Have a Heart. When you adopt from our Shelter your kitten will be healthy and fully vetted. All of our adoptable felines have been spayed or neutered, received a Rabies vaccination, a feline combination vaccination and are on flea and tick prevention. To assure that our felines are healthy, they are tested for Feline leukemia/FIV and treated for internal parasites. They are also micro-chipped with the chip registered at no cost at the time of adoption. If you choose to take the free kitten and then bring that kitten to the veterinarian, it would cost you far more than the $50.00 adoption fee to get all of those necessities for your new pet. HAH spends more to prepare our pets for adoption than we receive in adoption fees. Another benefit of adopting a Shelter kitten is the fact that the kitten will be well socialized. Our kittens are held and played with daily. They live in the cattery with other felines which makes them more likely to get along with other cats in their new homes. We have many sweet kittens that are seeking their purr-fect home. Stop by HAH to meet some of these sweet babies. Have a Heart is located at 657 Highway 202 in Yellville. Hours are Thursday through Saturday, 9 am to 3 pm. Phone 870-449-7387.