Pets of the Week

It has once again been a busy week at the Shelter.  The dogs sent to Massachusetts are all in their new homes except for one who needed some additional medical care before he can go to his new home.  We also sent eight puppies to a Puppy Rescue in St. Louis.  We registered over 120 animals for our Spay & Neuter Clinic that ran from September 21-23, last week. It was crazy busy but these clinics are VERY important to keep the numbers of unwanted litters of puppies and kittens down.  We have adopted six dogs and three cats this past week.  I know this sounds like a lot of activity, but that is just a snapshot of one week.  We have taken in over 1700 dogs and 630 cats in the Shelter since we opened in the Spring of 2016.

Our featured dog this week is Bogie, an 8 month old Dachshund mix that weighs only 12.7 lbs.  He came in from a friend of the Shelter who regularly rescues animals.  He was at Baxter County Animal Control and all they told her was that he came from a bad situation.  He was with his sister, who has already been adopted.  When Bogie was seen by the Vet, they diagnosed him with an eye condition which makes it looks like he has clouded eyes similar to cataracts. The veterinarian believes this may be due to a previous infection or a congenital defect.  We know he can see, but do not know how his vision will be impacted in the long run. He is a very sweet dog and will make a wonderful companion for someone.  He is not a lot of work, walks well on a leash and has been housebroken.

The featured cat this week is Annette. She is a beautiful long hair tortoiseshell reminiscent of the beautiful fall colors in our area. She’s about one to two years old and is learning to get along with the other cats in the Cattery. She seems to do well in calmer situations and does not like being startled, like most pets and humans.

Due to Covid-19 in our area, we are doing adoptions by appointment. If you would like to meet Bogie, Annette or any of our other adoptable pets, call Have a Heart at 870-449-7387 to schedule an appointment. Have a Heart is located at 657 Highway 202 in Yellville.