Pet of the Week

February 14, 2022

February is Kindness Month and February 17th is Kindness Day. We all need to do our best to be kind to both people and animals. It is always easy to pass judgement on someone’s actions even when we do not know their circumstance. Sometimes people do things that we think are wrong, but they may have not had other options. This may have been the case of Journey.

Journey is a wonderful cat that came to us with some questions unanswered. We were having the September Spay & Neuter Clinic at the Shelter and Journey was left sitting in a cat carrier outside the door. Lots of people were coming and going, but no one saw anyone leave the carrier. We assumed someone must have been in a hurry and did not have time to check him in for surgery. We kept hoping someone would come back at the end of the day to retrieve him, but it never happened.

He is a sweet, big, gentle brown tabby that loves everyone. We estimate him to be approximately four years old. We did notice that he had an unusual amount of saliva/drooling going on. Our Vet Tech felt he also had very inflamed mouth and gums, so he was taken to the Vet for an evaluation. Journey was diagnosed with Stomatitis. Stomatitis is not unusual in cats, but his was significant. It was recommended that most of his teeth be extracted to reduce the infection. It was a costly procedure, but we felt we needed to do it to relieve his pain and improve his ability to eat. After surgery he had to wear a cone a few weeks, and we had to make certain no one touched his mouth. He has now recovered from his surgery is eating and feeling much better.

Journey is in a better place with us after being abandoned at the Clinic. Perhaps the person did not have the resources to provide care for Journey. We are glad we were here to help him and make his life better. Journey is now ready for his special home. He will always need softer food and a warm lap to snuggle up in. Are you ready to be part of Journey’s Journey?