Pet Of The Week

This week’s featured dog is Patches and here’s her story. “Hi, my name is Patches. My original owners decided to take a drive and dump me out along the road. (Author’s thoughts- I hope Karma pays them a visit.) A couple of compassionate people saw the horrible action take place and thankfully took me in for a little while until Have a Heart put me under their wing. I’m about 6 months old, 35 pounds, Blue Heeler Mix. I’m very sweet natured, lovable, oh and let‘s not forget adorable. I absolutely love belly rubs. I get along great with other dogs and cats and I walk well on a leash. Come on in the shelter and take me for a walk or better yet you can adopt me!
We are not featuring a specific cat for this week, but are continuing our “Home for the Holidays” special on our adoptable cats and kittens. Every cat & kitten in our shelter is now adoptable for only half our regular adoption donation.They’re all just $25 from now until the end of the year. All have been spayed or neutered, are current on basic 3 in 1 cat vaccinations, dewormed, vaccinated against Rabies, litter box trained, flea-free and oh so loving, playful, healthy and adorable. Santa wants to see every kitty settled in a real home with a real family for the holidays and so do we! Come meet our feline friends and take one or maybe even two home with you for the holidays. You can make a kitty’s dearest wish come true!
This is a busy time of year for everyone. When you’re out doing the holiday runaround, take a few minutes to stop by the shelter. You can meet the fur-kids and give them a little lovin’. They all like to be petted or walked. The shelter kids are being good and hoping Santa will leave them a little something extra. If you would like to help Santa, consider donating something special for the shelter pets. Maybe some treats, (no rawhides please) or a toy or maybe some collars or leashes. If you’re feeling extra generous a Kuranda dog bed would be great. These beds are comfortable for the fur-kids, easy to clean, they stand up to chewing, and the BEST part is the beds will get the dogs off the cold concrete shelter floor. If you chose to donate to us, you get a special price and they ship directly to Have a Heart. The website for these beds is Visit our thrift store for Christmas decorations or gifts. Like and follow us on Facebook. If we have news or a lost pet, we will post on Facebook to try to locate their owner. The shelter is located at 4291 E. Highway 62 in Flippin (across from Ozark Realty). Shelter and thrift store hours are Monday through Saturday 9am to 3 pm. Phone 870-443-7387.

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