Pet Of The Week

Did y’all watch the Super Bowl this past Sunday? I watched and was rooting for the underdogs, the Philadelphia Eagles. I like to root for the underdogs. One reason I was rooting for Philly was because that’s where the last dog I fostered found her forever family. She couldn’t have found a better home, so for Callie and her family, I wanted Philly to win. Also, how many Super Bowl rings do the Patriots need? I’m also rooting for the underdogs we have at our shelter. Through no fault of their own, just unfortunate circumstances, they have found themselves at the shelter. Come by and meet some of these adorable pets and maybe you’ll find your MVP (most valuable pooch)! This week’s featured dog is Rocky. Rocky is a Chihuahua mix that’s two years young and weighs 11 pounds. Rocky is an extremely playful active boy. He is people friendly and he is vocal. Rocky gets along with dogs, but he chooses his dog friends.