Pets Of The Week

I hope y’all had a Happy St. Patrick’s Day this past weekend. Easter is right around the corner, and spring is in the air. Personally, I am glad that the warmer weather is on the way. Unfortunately, the warm weather brings with it added chores. I love my garden tomatoes, fresh veggies and a nice looking yard, but I dislike all the hard work that comes with those things. I guess that’s just the way it goes; having something you enjoy always seems to involve a fair amount of hard work. It’s the same way with adopting a dog. They require work and attention to teach them to behave appropriately to fit into your household. Young dogs, just like young kids have a lot of energy. If you do not have the time to devote to them, a young dog may not be the best fit for your household. In my experience, (limited as it may be) I have found that young dogs need to run around and play for a while to burn off that excess energy before they will even think about what you are trying to teach them. As I have previously said in this article, don’t rush to adopt a dog. Make sure he or she is good fit for your family and household. With that being said, this week’s featured dog is Sugar. Sugar was surrendered by her owners to our shelter because she had a little more energy than they could handle.  A middle age or senior dog may have been a better choice for them. Sugar is a 5 month old, lemon & white beagle mix.  She is an energetic little girl weighing less than 15 pounds.  She has a sweet disposition and she loves to run and play.  Sugar is all ready to go to her fur-ever home and has been microchipped. Come by and meet Sugar. She just may be the jogging or “fetch” companion you need.

This week’s featured cat is Morris. Morris is a long haired orange tabby cat. When interviewed for this article here’s what Morris had to say. “Hi, my name is Morris and I’d love to find my fur-ever home. I’m a healthy two year old cat and I’m up to date on all my shots. I love to play and I’m quite advanced in pouncing technique. Some of my other skills include playing with other cats, being laid back, cuddling and eating. Eating is my favorite pastime. After all, I didn’t get to weigh a little over 10 pounds by just laying around. If you are interested in letting me be your forever pet, please contact me at Have a Heart shelter or stop by and visit me.”