Pet Of The Week

Last week Have a Heart finished our final Low Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic for 2020.  It has been an interesting year with all 3 clinics being affected by changes that have had to be made because of Covid-19.  We did all our registration by phone instead of in person, did not collect deposits prior to the day of surgery, and moved animal drop off and pick up to the parking lot.  We also limited our volunteers to only our regular Shelter volunteers to reduce the risk of an additional person to the regular team.  It has been a difficult year, but we still feel we have been very successful.

            Our 3-day September clinic ended with 65 cats and 54 dogs being sterilized.  119 animals is a pretty good total for 3 days.  Of those animals 38 were female cats and 28 were female dogs.  We point this out since female cats can have 3 litters a year (for a yearly average of 12 kittens) and female dogs can have two litters a year (for an average of 16 pups).  If we just look at the offspring based on these averages for the female animals for only one year, we kept 456 unwanted kittens and 448 unwanted puppies from being born.  These projections do not take into account all the other female animals that could have been impregnated by the 53 males that were also sterilized. Thanks to everyone who did their part to help prevent more unwanted puppies and kittens in our area.

            Our 2021 Spay and Neuter Clinics are scheduled for February 16-18, June 15-17, and September 21-23.  We usually start registering 6-8 weeks prior to a clinic.  Registration information will be posted in the Mountaineer Echo and on the Shelter’s and Spay & Neuter’s Facebook Pages.

            It was a good week for adoptions. Two kittens and a cat were adopted this weekend. All three have tragic background stories. Willow the silver tabby kitten was found abandoned in the ladies restroom of a local RV park. Bagheera the black kitten was one of a litter dumped in the Panther Bay area. Calico Sammie’s owner died, leaving her alone in a house for weeks. Someone left a door open hoping she would run away. All three were saved by caring members of our community, and all three have found forever homes. Nugget, the puppy that was left in a box on a road in Peel, went to his new home as a foster pending adoption. Our sweet German Shepherd, Ula, was adopted. She had a tough journey, but we feel her new parents are the perfect fit for her. Andrea Bocelli, the adorable tiny blind kitten, found his fur-ever home. Gentle Jamie, the young cat working as the store greeter at All Pet & Equine in Mountain Home, was also adopted. Lucky boy! Check in with our friends at All Pet next week and meet the new store greeter!

            Last week HAH took in 2 more kittens that were literally thrown away. We took in a tiny male kitten that was taped up in a box and left by somebody’s driveway trash area. We also took in a tiny female kitten that was found thrown away in the dumpster at the Yellville Summit School. How can people be so cruel? These kittens will be available soon.  


          Our featured kitty this week is Oscar. Oscar is a medium size, young, long hair silver/gray Tabby cat. This super friendly boy was surrendered by his owner for being too playful and rambunctious. He is a typical, healthy, active kitten that likes to keep busy. He gets along well with other cats and kittens, but was not raised around dogs and gets a full puff to his tail when he sees one. His coat is a beautiful silver color. He is going to be a very handsome adult. Have a Heart is located at 657 Highway 202 in Yellville. Hours are Thursday through Saturday 9 am to 3 pm, phone 870-449-7387.