Pets of the Week

Maria is a female, Siberian Husky mix that is approximately 3 years old. She was brought to the Shelter in mid-September by a Park Ranger from the Buffalo National River property when she was found at Buffalo Point Campground with another Husky. She weighs in at 65 lbs. and is a beautiful dog. She started out very shy and was difficult for the volunteers to handle. She has now adjusted to most of us, and we can harness and walk her like all our other dogs. This behavior is typical of a dog that has not been well socialized. It is evident that she has had multiple litters of puppies and may have been a breeder dog that was dumped.

Maria will do best with a quiet household. We feel that young children would be too much for her to handle. She does get along well with other dogs. If you are interested in adopting Maria, we will only do so if you visit her multiple times and let her become bonded to you. You must gain her trust before she will accept you as her friend.

This week’s featured cat is an orange and white tabby named Beau. He was surrendered because the previous owner said he was “too vocal”. That is not a good reason to surrender an animal down. He CAN be quite the talker but will settle down after a bit. This sweet guy has an estimated DOB of April 6th, 2019 and weighs in at a generous 13 pounds. He does very well with all of the kittens in the Cattery and even the adults. He enjoys going out into the Catio so would likely make a good indoor/outdoor cat once he adjusts to his new home location. Come by to see if this loveable guy would be a good addition to your home.

Have A Heart Pet Shelter has noticed a considerable increase in lost and found pets the past couple of months. We are sharing with you the process to follow should you lose your pet or find a stray pet.

How to find your lost pet or get a found pet back to their owners


  1. Contact local animal control if you live in the city limits of:
    1. Yellville – 870-449-6581
    2. Summit -870-449-4332
    3. Bull Shoals 870-445-4775
    4. Flippin 870-453-8300
    5. Home -870-425-5116
    6. Harrison – 870-741-2525
    7. Baxter County Animal Control- 870-481-5822
  2. Send a photo, description and location to local animal shelters.
    1. Have A Heart Pet Shelter – 870-449-7387
    2. Humane Society of North Central Arkansas – 870-425-9221
    3. Ozark Humane Society- 870-741-3050
  3. Make a flyer with the above information
    1. Post in your neighborhood
  4. Facebook:
    1. Post on your personal page
    2. Share with other Facebook Pages
      1. Have A Heart Pet Shelter
      2. Mountain Home Arkansas Lost and Found Pets
  1. Finding Rover
  2. Yard Sale sites in your area
  1. Radio Broadcasts
    1. KTLO radio – 870-425-3101
      1. Lost and Found Pets
    2. Newspaper advertising:
      1. Baxter Bulletin – 870-508-8000
      2. Mountaineer Echo – 870-453-3731
      3. Harrison Daily Times – 870-453-3731

To make it easier to keep your pet safe:

  1. Keep a collar on your pet with its name and your phone number
    1. Personalized pet tags are available at local pet stores and online very inexpensively.
    2. Preferably use a cell phone number over your home number.
    3. During natural disasters, home phones are often out of service
  2. Keep your current rabies tag on your pet so it can be traced back to the Vet who administered the vaccine and their records will allow you to be contacted.
  3. Have your animal microchipped. All Veterinarians and animal shelters have chip readers which make getting your pet home easy.