Pets of the Week

Lots of cats come through the Shelter every year and are adopted to loving homes, but cats do have a way of sneaking out the door. If they are inside/outside cats, they sometimes roam off or get so far from home they can’t find their way back.  Cats usually stay close to where they live but many have been gone for months before returning.  We have even heard stories about cats that have two homes and go back and forth between them for months before the people realize what has happened (e.g. they show up one day with a collar on).  Cats will sometimes hitch rides in trucks and cars and end up miles away from their homes.  We carefully watch the Lost and Found Pet Sites and yard sale sites to make sure we are not housing any of these lost animals.  The best way to make sure a cat is found and returned to his owner is to have your cat microchipped.  We have been microchipping all the animals coming through the Shelter for over 3 years, so there are lots of microchipped animals now in our community. During that time we have microchipped over 400 cats.  So when you find a cat, please go to a local Vet or the Shelter and have the cat scanned for a microchip.  You might be able to make a family and cat very happy.

Our featured cat this week is Bruce.  Bruce was surrendered by his owners when they moved to the area from out of state and are currently living with family members that have a dog that doesn’t like cats.  He is a very handsome Tuxedo, 3 years old and very loving and smart.  He actually has a certificate stating he is a trained emotional support cat.  He is neutered, has all his vaccines and is microchipped.  If you are looking for an awesome cat, Bruce would be a great addition to your family.

Our featured dog this week is Hank.  Hank just came in last week as a stray from the Bergman area on the line between Marion & Boone County.  He is an under 2 year old Shepherd Mix that currently weighs in at 70 lbs.  He has a wonderful temperament and is friendly with all our volunteers and the other dogs at the Shelter.  He is learning to walk on a leash and does go potty outside when we take him for walks.  He will be fully vetted within the next couple weeks and will be ready to go into a home where he can have a family who loves him.