Pets of the Week

We live in a beautiful part of the country where lots of senior citizens come to retire. If you are one of those retirees, you may have thought about adopting a pet for a companion. Senior pets make perfect companions for Senior Citizens. We would recommend a dog over 7 years old or a cat over 5 years old. Keep in mind that small dogs may live 15-17 years and cats may live 17-18 years. If you want a young pet, please have a plan as to what will happen to your pet should you become ill or unable to care for it. Most shelters will take pets back that have been adopted from their facility.

Senior dogs are usually housebroken, walk well on a leash and are much calmer than a young pup. They thoroughly enjoy going for slow walks or leisurely roaming around your fenced in back yard but are just as happy curled up on your lap or at the foot of your chair while you watch TV or read.

Research has proven that pets provide companionship and security for seniors living independently, but also improve their mental and physical well-being. Having a pet to care for gives you a reason to get up every day.

Before you decide to adopt your new best friend, make sure you can provide exercise for your pet by walking them or having a doggie door/fenced yard to let them in and out. That is one reason it may be best to consider adopting a senior cat over a senior dog since they do not need the same level of exercise.

Our featured dog this week is Cheyanne. She is a 4–5-year-old hound mix that was brought to the Shelter by the friend of an elderly man who had passed away. Cheyanne is a beautiful girl that had come to the elderly man as a stray about 3 years ago. She is very timid and shy and is afraid of her own shadow. She was so frightened that she would not get in his car, so she had to be caught in a dog trap to bring in. She has only been with us a few days and she has already warmed up well. We can get a harness on her and get her outside for short walks. She likes roaming loose in the thrift store with another shelter dog and is quiet and appears to be housebroken except for nervous peeing when you approach her. In time, we believe Cheyanne will be a wonderful companion for someone who needs a best friend to keep them company.

Our featured cat this week is Shelly.  She is an elderly female tortoiseshell domestic shorthair that is at least 8 years old.  She was found at Hilltop Liquor very skinny and with hair loss.  She has been with us a little while and now looks much healthier than when she came in.  She is very outgoing, talkative and playful.  She would make a wonderful senior pet for someone who wants a calm cat that would love to spend the rest of her life sitting on your lap or looking out the window. She has not been spayed yet since she was so frail and we would need our Veterinarian to give us an opinion on her health status.  Due to her age and medical status, Shelly’s adoption fee will be greatly reduced.