Pets of the Week

Well, we have had our first snow. I hope your pets are managing the cold well. The dogs at the shelter like to go for short walks outside, but no one appears to be begging for time to run around in the outside play yards. Only a couple of the cats are interested in going out into the Catio and that is only when the sun is shining in the afternoon.

If you are aware of a Feral Cat Community near you, you might want to help provide them a safe winter, too. If these cats need to be spayed/neutered, please contact Rose, the Community Cat Project Coordinator at 870-427-4013 to get vouchers for local vets. Here are a few tips that you can easily do to care for Feral Cats during the winter.

  • Provide an old plastic or styrofoam container (old plastic storage tubs, coolers, or shipping boxes) and cut a doorway.
  • Even a cardboard box is better than nothing. Just raise it off the ground and cover with a garbage bag.
  • Weigh it down with something heavy so it does not blow away.
  • Straw is the best choice of bedding since blankets absorb moisture like a sponge.
  • Keep snow removed from the entrance.
  • Keep water and lots of dry/unfrozen food available
  • Salt and Snow melt can be toxic when licked off paws. Use sparingly.

Hank is our featured dog this week. He is a 1–2-year-old male Shepherd mix that was found as a stray with a female dog in Baxter County. He has a great temperament. He likes other dogs, walks well on a leash, shows no interest in cats when he walks past the Catio and can sometimes be the class clown. He is quiet and calm and appears to be housebroken since he can keep his kennel clean. We believe Hank will be a wonderful family dog. He likes attention and will let you spend your time spoiling him.

Our cat this week is Beau Beau. Beau came to the Shelter in mid-October after he was found as a stray in August. He is about 2 ½ years old and is a big boy weighing in at 12 ½ lbs. He is good with other cats and likes attention. The people who found him travel and did not feel they could give him the kind of home where he could be comfortable all the time. One of his most endearing traits is that he likes to talk to you. He also likes to stretch out in the sun and take long siestas. If you like vocal cats and need a companion who will welcome your attention and give it back to you, he is your man.

The Shelter and Thrift Store is open Thursday thru Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Stop by to shop or visit our animals awaiting adoption. It is always a busy place with lots happening.