Pets of the Week

We are having a serious problem with stray dogs in our community. Just this weekend we had six stray dogs reported. We are called for at least a dozen stray dogs every week not including those that are picked up by animal control. We get it that we live in a rural community and a lot of people let their dogs run loose all the time. The problem with that is that they are going onto other people’s property and sometimes bothering livestock or their pets. Your neighbors do not want your dogs. This is a sure-fire way for your animals to be shot or end up in animal control or a shelter. These animals are also often the ones found on the highway after they have been run over. We recommend that you have a collar on your pets with either their current rabies tag or a tag with your name and phone number so they may be quickly returned.

Our featured cat this week is Ember. She is a Domestic Shorthair Tabby Calico born in April of 2018. She and another cat were surrendered by the owner who was moving to Florida and did not want to take them along. She is a fine little cat. She has a squeaky little meow and does not understand why she is living in a Shelter now. She has long legs and is quite beautiful. Gets along well with other cats and would make a great addition to a family.







Black Diamond, our featured dog is a darling little black lab mix that we estimate to be 5 months old. She was found as a stray in Gassville. She is very smart, energetic and aims to please. She can sit on command but does not hold it for awfully long. She is at the perfect age for obedience training so that she can grow into a well-behaved dog who will want to be your constant companion. She gets along well with other dogs, and we have not yet tested her with cats.