Pets of the Week

On January 24th, the Shelter posted a Facebook post about two dogs found out on Hwy 125, south of Hwy 412. One was a female, red and white pit bull dead in the ditch with what looked like bite marks from an animal. The person who found her also reported a small German Shepherd mix who was protecting its friend. No one could get close enough to catch it and it would sometimes growl and run away. We posted hoping to find owners who could collect the dogs off the side of the highway. A few days later, we received a call from a Friend of the Shelter who persistently went to the site and was feeding the black dog. Eventually she was able to coax the dog into the car. She took him to the Vet, had him checked out, vaccinated and neutered. He also has scars from what looks like bite marks on him. She named him Bishop. That dog has now been at the Shelter since February 16th. He is a 2-year-old, male black Shepherd mix weighing 52 lbs… He has a story to tell, we just wish we could decipher it. He has been no trouble at all with most the volunteers. You can easily harness him and take him for walks. He eats well and appears to be housebroken, but he has an unusual edge. When certain people approach his kennel; he growls and starts barking angrily. We feel he is a good dog and would do well with a person he likes. He just needs to pick his person. We cannot do it for him. He is a beautiful dog and loves the person that rescued him. She comes in regularly with Milk Bones, his favorite treat. She has dogs of her own and does not need another dog, but we are sure someone out there needs a dog like Bishop


Our featured cat this week is Popcorn.  Popcorn was surrendered the end of February when his owner passed away. Her great nephew tried desperately to find someone to take this little boy as he could not afford the pet deposit. After running out of options he called us. At that time, we had room so we said we could take him. His late great aunt had named this young boy Popcorn. We’re thinking it’s because she found (or was given) this little stray when he was about 8 to 10 weeks old. That’s typically when kittens have their “popcorn stage” as we like to call it. They hop around and “pop” like little popcorn kernels, spastically running and jumping as they learn to work on their coordination. It’s quite a funny sight! Popcorn is a gorgeous long-haired gray and white male. With all that extra fur you can expect some shedding. He has a sweet disposition and seems very curious. It also appears that he likes belly rubs. 

Come by the Shelter Thursday thru Saturday between 9 and 3 to see all our adoptable animals.