Pets of the Week

Hello there! We’re writing from Have a Heart headquarters to let you know we have been chosen as Pets of the Week! Not to brag, but that makes us pretty special and we hope you’ll agree. Nothing would make us happier than for someone to come for a meet-and-greet and decide to take us home.

Presley, the kitten

First up, I’m Presley (named for someone called Elvis). I’m only about four weeks old now so I’m still a little dude. Luckily, some kind people found me under an empty rental house, cleaned me up, and treated a wound I had. They contacted the folks at Have a Heart who said I could stay there until I find my forever home. It’s been said I’m quite the talker but that’s just because I have a lot to say! Sadly, I also had an older wound visible on my neck, which may have been caused by a mean older adult male cat attempting to eliminate kittens that weren’t his. I am lucky to have survived! My favorite things are being held and cuddled. So come see me! And, remember, all kitten adoptions are half-price through the end of August.

Jimmie, the dog

Me next! I’m Jimmie and I have quite a story. But, first, my stats. I am a very handsome young man (hey, I’m just repeating what the HAH volunteers say). They think I am an Anatolian/Hound mix, but I look more Houndish since I don’t have a long-haired coat. I will likely be a large dog when grown. I’m still pretty shy (probably because of what I’ve been through before coming to the shelter), but every day I’m warming up more and more to the attention and care I’m receiving. I’m also gradually learning to walk on a leash. If you have room for me in your heart and home, I’d love to meet you!

More about Jimmie…It Takes a Village!

A couple of months ago, a young man called HAH after picking up five young dogs on MC 8060 near the CCC lake access. At the time, we had no space available so he contacted a local boarding kennel to hold them until we had space open up. This generous young man paid for their care at the facility. We went to the kennel to vaccinate, worm, and microchip them. Amazingly, we had people interested in them before they even got to the shelter! All five were spayed/neutered and adopted before they even got here.

We then started getting calls from multiple people about two additional dogs that were running along the shoreline of the lake and living in the woods near the access. Many people were going there regularly to check on them and feed them. Several had tried catching them, but these two were very clever (and leery) dogs. Finally, two Saturdays ago, a wonderful couple managed to catch the female. (She was then named C Cee, after CCC Access.) So only the male remained “at large.” HAH provided a humane dog trap and helped set it up one night over a week ago. The next morning, there he was…waiting for us. So all seven pups are now safe and sound. He’s the dog we now call Jimmie (after Jimmie’s Creek) and is one of our Pets of the Week this week. It really warms our hearts to see the community come together like they did to help these pups and give them a chance at a much better life ahead.

If you’d like to meet Presley, Jimmie, or any of our other adoptables, please come see us at 657 Highway 202 West in Yellville. Or give us a call at 870-449-7387.