Pets of the Week

First up this week is this little furball named Forrest (as in “Forrest Gump”). We are not sure where he came from but Forrest was very good at running around. He was hungry, scared, and meowing for help but too scared to get caught right away.

A quick-thinking volunteer laid down out by the diesel trucks he was hiding around and played a YouTube audio of a mama cat calling her kitten. This got him to come down and she was eventually able to catch him and bring him to the Shelter for food and warmth. We estimate his date of birth to be November 14, so Forrest is somewhere around seven weeks old.

Right now, he doesn’t like to be held too much but he does love to play! And, currently, his favorite toy is a stick toy with danglers. He doesn’t like to be left alone, probably because of the time he was abandoned or lost out there on his own at such a young age. He is getting used to human touch and will let you hold him if you scratch him on his neck. And he is a total purring machine! Little Forrest is still learning not to bite (and he stops if his foster Mom hisses at him, much like how he would learn with other cats and kittens). He’s going to make someone a beautiful, fun addition to their family.

Next up, meet Susan! Susan came to the Shelter last week as a surrender. Her neighbors were so disturbed by the non-insulated doghouse she was living in with the extreme temperatures we were experiencing. No one was paying her any attention so the neighbors asked if the owner would surrender her. The owner advised he had only taken her because a friend had no place for her, but he really didn’t want her either so willingly gave her up.

We are SO happy Susan found her way to us when she did. Within just a couple of days she went into heat and, mostly likely, would have been bred with another dog in the neighborhood.

Susan is a very nice, young girl. She is calm, quiet, appears to be housebroken, walks well on a leash, and gets along well with other dogs. In other words, she’s pretty much perfect and certainly didn’t deserve to be tossed aside. We have already promised Susan that her life will be greatly changed and we’re confident she will become someone’s favorite girl and will never have an unwanted litter of puppies to care for.

(An extra note: Her full name is “Yes, Susan, there really is a Santa Claus.” No, it’s not Miracle on 34th Street, but it IS a miracle she was saved from the cold and neglect.)

If you’d like to meet Forrest, Susan, or any of other adoptables, please come see us 657 Highway 202 West in Yellville or call 870/449-7387. And, if you’d like to volunteer with us, let us know! We’ve got a spot for you!