Pets of the Week

First up, our dog of the week is Roman!

Roman, the “roaming” beagle is a very lovable, sweet, people-loving puppy (4 ½ months) who came to the Shelter on 8/26/23 as an owner-surrender. He currently weighs 25 pounds (he loves his food!). He is in a foster home where he has been around many other dogs, cats, chickens, and horses and hasn’t bothered any of the farm animals. On Fridays and Saturdays, he comes to the Shelter with his foster mom and spends the day playing and napping. And he loves to ride in the car!

Roman really enjoys being outside exploring but he stays close to whoever he is outside with and doesn’t wander too far. He is a puppy but he isn’t overly rambunctious like you might expect a beagle to be. When he is scolded, he lays on his back and just melts you with his beautiful beagle eyes.

He is currently an inside dog at his foster home and sleeps with one of the family members and three other dogs. Roman is almost completely house trained and in a crate when the family is gone. He does make it known, however, that he doesn’t like it. He has been around young children (a one-year-old and a two-year-old) and several young adults. We believe he would fit into almost any home. He adapted very easily to his foster home and is very smart and picks up training very quickly.

Oh boy, this week’s “feline” is…kittens! Oodles and oodles of kittens! We have new kitties in the house, male and female, all different colors. If you’re looking for a new furbaby (or two or three) to add to your family, come and check out these cuties. Some are just a little too young to go into foster care yet, while others are ready to go.

Fostering with the intent to adopt means you get to take a little one home and love on them while they remain under the care of the shelter. You sign an agreement to bring them back when they are due for shots, checkups, and when we schedule them for surgery and rabies shots. Once they are sterilized and have had their rabies shot (usually at about 3 ½ months old), the foster kitten becomes an adopted kitten, they become a permanent member of your family, and we all celebrate another success story!

Fostering with the intent to adopt allows us to get kittens into homes while they are young and can acclimate into a family. They get used to the routine and any other pets you have in your home. However, it is very important to introduce existing pets to a kitten very carefully. While very rarely can a cat kill a dog, a dog can kill a cat or kitten, so it is very important that precautions are taken to safeguard everyone during introductions.

If you’d like to meet Roman or any of these adorable kittens, please give us a call at 870/449-7387 or drop by Have A Heart Pet Shelter located at 657 Highway 202 West, Yellville, during our regular business hours, Tuesday through Saturday, 9 am to 3 pm.