Pets Of The Week

Imagine getting in the car with your loved one, like any other day. You go for a ride, maybe the local market or the city park to play ball. Only today the car doesn’t stop at those places, today the car stops on the side of the road. You’re nudged to get out of the car and you think ” Wow, a new place to play” and then suddenly, the car speeds off with you still in the road. You wait and wait but no one ever comes back for you. Imagine being left outside to play, it’s getting colder out and you’re ready to go inside. You scratch at the door, but no one opens it. Minutes pass, hours pass, even days pass before you realize your caretaker moved away and left you to fend for yourself. These are just a couple stories of how some of our dogs came to the shelter. How would you like this to happen to you? Have a Heart has reached its capacity of dogs. We have big dogs, small dogs, all sorts of breeds. They are all amazing dogs, all very friendly and lovable.
Have a Heart is not going to feature just one dog this week. We are going to feature all of them. A pet adoption at Have a Heart this week is $75. This includes: spay/neuter, dewormed, current vaccines, current rabies vaccine and A LIFETIME OF LOVE! Stop by the shelter to meet your new best friend.
We are not featuring a specific cat this week either. Stop by and check out our furry felines. We have several kittens to choose from at Have a Heart, from gray, to black, to black & white, from long hair to short hair, all very friendly and super playful. All have been spayed or neutered, are current on basic 3 in 1 cat vaccinations, dewormed, vaccinated against Rabies, litter box trained, flea-free and oh so loving, playful, healthy and adorable.

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