Pets of the Week

It was another busy week for the volunteers at Have a Heart Pet Shelter.  In addition to day to day care of our Shelter pets, our volunteers readied 23 more puppies to go on transport to an out of state puppy rescue. They are also getting 4 more dogs ready to go to Massachusetts, where their new families will be awaiting their arrival.  There is a lot of work involved to make it possible for these dogs to be transported out of state. We put forth this effort hoping that the dogs are heading for a better life, and also to keep kennel space open so we can take in the next stray, abandoned  or unwanted pet. It’s not feasible to expect all the dogs that arrive at HAH to be adopted locally. There are more unwanted animals in our area than loving homes to adopt all of them.

            We had several local adoptions this week. A senior kitty named C.C. was adopted. Sadly, C.C.’s original owner had to go into hospice care, but trusted HAH to find both of her fur-babies new homes. Thanks to the kind lady who adopted this sweet senior kitty. Dog adoptions included a cute puppy named Winchester and a pug mix named Tonks. Good luck to these fur babies in their new homes.

            Our featured feline for the week is a cute black and white kitten named Nancy Drew. Nancy arrived at the Shelter after being found under a crawl space in Rea Valley at the end of May. The woman who found her was unable to keep her since she already had several cats. Nancy Drew has been doing well since coming to the Shelter. She is very playful and cute as can be. She is almost 3 months young and available to be fostered pending adoption, until she can be spayed. Nancy Drew would make a great family pet. She gets along well with the other cats in the Cattery.

            This week’s featured dog is a medium sized Corgi mix named Buddy. We’re not sure what other breed he may be, but possibly some sort of Shepherd. Buddy was found in the Peel area near Highway 125 and CR842. No one came forward to claim him. He is estimated to be about 3 years young. Buddy walks well in his harness. He has a sweet personality, likes people and seems to get along well with the other dogs at the Shelter. Buddy is not completely housebroken. If he was in a home where his people could let him out a little more often, he would probably do fine. Buddy would be a good family pet or make a great companion for an older person.

You can meet Buddy, Nancy Drew and our other adoptable pets during regular Shelter hours, Thursday through Saturday, 9am to 3 pm. Have a Heart is located at 657 Highway 202 in Yellville. Phone 870-449-7387.