Pets of the Week

This week we want to introduce three very special dogs. All three are so sweet and loving, but all were surrendered recently because, unfortunately, they tend to go after chickens.

There are ways to avoid this, but it takes some time. You can conduct a quick Google search to find the steps involved to train a dog to not go after chickens. Most dogs are not trying to kill the birds. They simply want to chase. But even chasing can be fatal to chickens, often breaking their necks trying to get away or dying of heart attacks if they have nowhere safe to escape.

These owners absolutely did the right thing by surrendering these pups, rather than eliminating the problem with more severe methods. Instead, they did the responsible thing in order to find just the right homes for them.

First up, we have Casey. He is a one-year-old Border Collie mix, weighing 75 lbs. Casey was originally found as a stray puppy and was adopted last September. A couple of weeks ago, he was returned to the shelter because he has been found guilty of killing chickens. Casey is a nice dog and loves lots of attention and, it’s clear, he would much rather spend time with people than with chickens.

Next is Daisy, a nine-month-old Shepherd mix who was found as a stray on the Cotter overlook a few months ago. The finders kept her until the shelter had room to bring her in. Daisy is a shy, sweet girl who gets along with other dogs, cats, and all people. But she has been reported to have a taste for chickens.

And, finally, Lucy. She is a little brown terrier that is approximately a year old and weighs in at 44 pounds. Lucy is very sweet and shy, but has an MO of killing both chickens and rabbits.

So if you have room in your heart for one of these sweet pups and have either the time and willingness to work with training them not to go after chickens…or maybe you have no chickens….please give them a chance. You will be rewarded with unconditional love and wagging tails. You can meet them and all our other adoptables at Have a Heart. Stop by and visit at 657 Highway 202 West in Yellville. Or give us a call at 870/449-7387.