Pets of the Week

This week we would like to introduce our readers to Ezra! If you have been following Have A Heart’s activity in the past few months, you will recall that in late December we were called in to help with a hoarding rescue. Thirty-eight animals (33 dogs and five cats) were rescued. Ezra is one of only two dogs that remain at Have A Heart. And we’re determined to find this sweet fella his own forever home too! This terrier mix is four years old, weighing in at 19 pounds and is just as cute as can be. “Funny and lovable” describes Ezra to a “T.” Oh, and you wouldn’t think it from looking at those little legs, but he can climb a six-foot chain link kennel in mere seconds.

Ezra and Zeke are the last two from that December rescue. All others have been adopted or are ready to go to Massachusetts. It is hard to believe we have been able to find homes for 33 dogs in less than three months! We’re so grateful to everyone who stepped up and opened their homes and hearts for these sweet pups! Ezra and Zeke have been waiting patiently for their turn so please help us find them their new families.

This week we are also featuring a pair of kitties, a mother and son, both gorgeous Flame Point Siamese cats. Mom is “Begonia” and is about seven or eight years old. Her son is “Junior” and he is around five to six years old. These two were pets from a friend of the shelter who, sadly, passed away in January. At first, these two were very shy because their whole world had been turned upside down.

Junior, a larger version of his mama, started coming out of his shell faster than her. Mama Begonia was originally a feral stray who had a couple of litters before she could be tamed and spayed. They would likely both open up very well in a quieter household.

The Cattery is pretty crowded right now. Not long after Have A Heart was called to help with the hoarding rescue mentioned above, we got a call from an emergency responder and found ourselves discussing how we could handle another hoarding rescue of 75 cats in the Peel area! The sad fact is that if the gentleman had reached out to us for help sooner, this situation would not have gotten so out of control. We are slowly rescuing and assessing these beautiful, friendly cats. Some may ultimately enjoy being indoor pets, while others might enjoy being outdoor barn kitties in sets of two or three. We will start to feature them soon. We are currently bringing them into cat quarantine in small groups. Most are suffering from an upper respiratory illness (URI) which spreads like the common cold through a crowded house of kids.

PLEASE spay and neuter your pets so these sweet animals don’t suffer needlessly. (Our next spay/neuter clinic will be in May and we will start registering in April.)

If you’d like to meet Ezra, Begonia, Junior or any of our other adoptables, please stop by the shelter at 657 Highway 202 West in Yellville or call us at 870/449-7387 during our regular business hours, Wednesday through Saturday, 9 am to 3 pm.