Pets of the Week

Greetings animal lovers! What beautiful weather we’ve had the past several days. It lifts the spirits of our volunteers AND the furbabies in our care here at Have A Heart Pet Shelter!

This week we are featuring a dog by the name of Jimmy Creek!

He is named that because he was found near the Jimmie’s Creek arm of Bull Shoals Lake. He had no collar or chip and was covered in ticks but, otherwise, seemed healthy. He has been posted on social media but no owner has come forward. Jimmy is a gorgeous dark silver color with distinctive white toes. He is very well behaved in his kennel and seems to love everyone! 

Jimmy currently weighs 34 pounds and is estimated to be about six months old. For a young dog he is very laid back – he goes around and says “hello” then flops down for a nap! We will accept applications, but Jimmy Creek will be available only after he has been neutered.

Meet our Cat of the Week, Baby!

This handsome big guy is Baby (we didn’t name him, that’s the name he came in with, LOL)! His date of birth is 2/14/19 so he just turned five years old on Valentine’s Day!

Baby’s owners suffered a change in living conditions and had to surrender him and his companion, Aspen (who was recently adopted from the shelter) because they could no longer keep them. They couldn’t find a shelter near them that could help until they contacted us.

At first, Baby was confused and slightly grumpy about being in this new, busier environment. However, after some time to decompress, he’s doing well. He still doesn’t like the Cattery if it’s too busy so he’s part of the “night shift” with the other adults. (The crazy kittens get the “day shift.”) Baby would do well in a house without too many other pets. He is friendly, likes to talk to his humans, and enjoys being petted.

If you’d like to meet Jimmy Creek, Baby, or any of our other adoptables, please call the Shelter at 870/449-7387 or stop by at 657 Highway 202 West in Yellville during our normal business hours, Tuesday through Saturday, 9 am to 3 pm. We look forward to seeing you soon!